How to pick the perfect rug

An easy way to add colour into any room is with a rug. Choosing a rug isn't as simple as it seems. You have to factor in the size, colour, and location. Lucky for you we've created a guide on how to pick the perfect rug to suit your needs.

Living room with a chair and couch with rug on the floor


Rugs come in various sizes , and picking the right one for the room is important. You don't want the rug to be too small and feel lost, neither you don't want it to be too big and leave you with no space. We advise you to measure out your space and determine what size rug is most suitable. To get an idea of the sizing, layout some towels parallel to the size of the rug and determine whether it's fitting to the room.  


Choosing the right shaped rug for a room is essential, as a wrong shaped rug can make it look odd and out of place. The two main types of shapes of a rug are rectangular and circular. A rectangular rug is more traditional and is more suited in larger spaces like living rooms and bedrooms.  A circular rug is ideal for small-sized rooms and looks great under furniture that is a corresponding shape.


You'll have to keep in mind where you're placing a rug in the house, as choosing a light colour in those heavy traffic areas will result in it looking dirty far  easier than a dark colour. We have a large variety of colours that you can choose from here

Rug Care

To prevent a rug from being worn down it should be positioned in the house where there is not much traffic, unless it’s suitable for that area. Normally the highest traffic areas in a house are the entryway and hallways. To protect a rug, you should take off your shoes when entering the house as shoes will make the rug dirty and wear it down more easily. Vacuuming regularly is also required to get all the dirt and crumbs out of the rug. To make this process easier, take the rug outside and shake off all the debris before vacuuming.

Man wearing t-shirt and jeans hovering rug in living room


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