Picking the right bed

Picking a bed that is right for you is key to ensure that you have a goodnight's rest. We have provided you with a few fundamentals that will help you in choosing a bed that is not only suited to you, but also your room.

Women on her tablet sat up in bed

Choosing the right size

It's important to pick a size bed that will fit comfortably within your room.  Choosing a bed too big can make the room feel overloaded and picking one too small can make the room feel empty. Be sure to measure the space in your room and see the bed fits adequately in the room. We offer a variety of size beds that include single, double, and king.

Make the most of space with storage draws

Another key factor when choosing a bed is the option to include storage drawers. If your room is cluttered and you're running out of space to put things, adding storage may be a good option to you.

Pick your style

Picking the right style bed for you is essential, as you want a bed that fits your taste and looks. Whether you're in the market for a crushed velvet or leather bed, we have a large range of styles for you to choose from here.

Picking your colour

You will want to choose a colour that fits well within your room's decor.  In our bed's collection, we have an array of colours including black, grey, pink and various others here.

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